Commercial Building Consultants was invited to participate in Career Day at a local elementary school, and what an honor it was!

As many of you know, Career Day is an opportunity for professionals to talk to grade school students about their professions in an effort to encourage them and broaden their understanding of the professional world.  But it is also an opportunity for kids to learn new ways of communicating, working together, and enhance problem solving skills.

We had the pleasure of visiting Ms. Shadrick’s 3rd grade class.  What was our subject?  Buildings, of course!  Greg Trotter, President of Commercial Building Consultants, entered the classroom armed with toothpicks and mini-marshmallows.  The idea was to give them the materials and let them “build” their own buildings.

Here’s what we found:


The kids mimicked different building types, such as the pyramids (left) and skyscrapers (right).


They did very well working together in a group and sharing the resources with one another.

And they did all of this with only the guidance of a whiteboard drawing!