At Commercial Building Consultants we inspect buildings that vary in age, construction, and size. Most of the time we see buildings that have not been properly cared for, and other times we see buildings with components that are in good condition but have some interesting elements.

Recently we inspected a motel in the Panhandle of Florida.  The building is nearly forty years old, but the roof has been kept up with. There were no areas of significant wear and there weren’t patches and ponds as are typical with modified bitumen roofs on buildings of this age. However, we did notice something peculiar as we walked the roofscape.

When we asked why the roof drain had been cemented over, we learned there was a leak somewhere in the piping with the internal roof drain.

Clogged Roof Drain.

No Water = No Leak

Theoretically, this is a brilliant concept. What better way to stop a leak than to stop the water from entering?

Another interesting find was brought to us by our maintenance crew. On a residential maintenance call they noticed this:

GFCI outlet under water spigot.


Apparently there had been a Jacuzzi on the porch, in which case a hose would’ve run from the spigot, not allowing water to interfere with the electrical outlet. However, someone probably should’ve considered that the Jacuzzi might not be there forever and that this might be a bad idea…