I am the newest addition to the Commercial Building Consultants (CBC) team here in Orlando, Florida.  I recently graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in Civil Engineering. This summer, I made the long drive down to Florida and a completely new world.

Our company completes hundreds of building inspections all over the country each year, with clients such as GE and Merrill Lynch. I was expecting to enter a large, corporate world, located in a large high rise in the heart of downtown Orlando.

Commercial Building Consultants did not match my expectations in the best possible ways. I’ve worked here for a week so far, and I have already learned that CBC is built on the foundation of educating the client on every detail of their property, always being available, and completing easy to read assessments in a timely fashion.

At CBC, I learned to throw my 9-5 Monday-Friday office concept out the window. It is necessary to meet the demands of each individual client, no matter what time it is. Although many of us may be in the office for 10+ hours a day, the enthusiasm that each employee has for buildings and the genuine interest in writing each individual Property Condition Assessment (PCA) makes the day fly by.

I only have one week of work completed so far, but it is the environment and the attitude that surrounds CBC that makes me extremely excited for the future. I am looking forward to future clients and jobs all over the country.

The view of my new city from the CBC office building.

The view of my new city from the CBC office building.