I just completed my first solo Property Condition Assessment. I have been training below two of the most qualified inspectors in the state for months now, and I knew I was ready. The only issue was that no one else on the property knew…

I pulled onto the property in the company truck and began exploring the exterior facades of each building. As I was working, I saw the client pull in. I saw what I expected—a middle-aged person looking nervous about a potential purchase. In turn, the client saw a 22-year-old kid, assuming automatically that I had no experience or knowledge.

It is a fair concern—a portion of the decision to purchase a million-dollar property is in the hands of a person who was not born when the site was constructed. Right away, the grilling began as to what my job history was, educational background, and experience in the field. I answered each question as best as I possibly could, but I knew they weren’t sold on me being a competent inspector.

As the inspection began, they watched me like a hawk, and everything I touched and photographed was questioned. I was able to educate the client, tell him just what it was we were observing, and whether it was a proper construction technique or not.

The level of trust between the client and myself slowly began to grow, but even after I left and the inspection was completed, my intuition told there was still a level of uncertainty. I wanted to increase the client’s confidence in my level of expertise, and provide the best service possible. While writing my report, I felt myself gaining a better understanding for the property and my abilities as an inspector.

The final draft could have been better, and the inspection process could have gone a lot smoother, but I am proud of the work I accomplished and the report that was delivered to the client. I fully committed myself to learning about the property, the report, and providing excellent customer service. The final product was a good representation of me as an inspector and engineer, and I am proud of that.

I am looking forward to my next assignment and I am excited to continue to grow more as an inspector and as a person.

Colin Trotter