What is EIFS Stucco Siding, and should you use it for your next commercial building project?

Exterior Insultation Finishing System, or EIFS, is one of the most common types of siding used on commercial buildings today.

EIFS is popular because it is attractive and has the appearance of real cement stucco siding. It is synthetic, and widely regarded as extremely energy efficient.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves—while it is one of the most cutting-edge siding systems, it also has a reputation for serious water damage issues.

Walls can become damaged due to lack of maintenance and installation issues, which can be par for the course on new and innovative products—but part of the problem is the vulnerable surface coating.

Building materials expand and contract with temperature change.

Once this happens, sealants and surface coatings can crack when EIFS Stucco Siding is not installed correctly or properly maintained.

Choosing EIFS

If you decide to use EIFS, make sure it is installed correctly and checked annually for issues. If water becomes trapped behind the siding, significant damage may occur.

Design improvements have been made, and are continually in process; however, since it is a new product, it is not commonly known how much maintenance this type of siding requires.

A professional inspection of EIFS siding is always recommended when annual maintenance records cannot be accessed, or if there is visible evidence of damage or musty odors.

During real estate transactions, a professional inspection is also recommended.

EIFS has the potential to be a great choice of siding for numerous reasons, but like all siding, you must work carefully with your contractor to make sure it is installed correctly, maintained, and inspected periodically.

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-Jessica Dawkins, Executive Assistant

Photo Credit: via Creative Commons