CBC’s Greg Trotter was out and about in New Hampshire this month.

When he wasn’t on project sites, Greg visited old friends and locations, conjuring memories of youth.

One of Greg’s stops was the famous Button Factory on Islingston Street in Portsmouth. This is a gorgeous historical building with a lot of activity over the years.

The Button Factory’s History

In 1880, James Morley invented a sewing machine to accommodate the easier sewing of buttons on shoes.

A decade later, he organized the Morley Button Sewing Machine Company, and the Button Factory was soon established in Portsmouth.

Greg spent a lot of time in the Button Factory as a kid. This building not only has a lot of significance to him and his friends, but to the Portsmouth Community as a whole.

The Button Factory Today

This large, well-made brick building has stood the test of time, over a century.

It has now been re-purposed as an art studio.

Take a look at Greg’s photography below, not only of the historical beauty of the building, but of the great art display the Button Factory has!

-Jessica Dawkins, Executive Assistant


The Button Factory | Portsmouth, NH

The Button Factory | Portsmouth, NH