When I was a kid, I used to hate to work in the yard.leaves

We had a really large corner lot, comprised of a little over an acre of land. We had twenty-nine trees (well, until my Dad accidentally cut one down) which produced a lot of leaves. In Florida, you don’t expect to have to rake leaves like you would in the northeast, but our yard was bombarded every fall with falling pieces of scrub oak.

Like many kids, I had to rake. To me, that wasn’t as important as being out with my friends playing football or soccer, or better yet, at the beach surfing.

I remember  I used to always try and hurry up by raking “around” the yard. My Mom was always pointing out the areas that I would miss. She’d tell me that I couldn’t go play until I finished the leaves. Arguments ensued, and usually I would lose and end up spending an extra day working on the leaves, because by then the wind had blown them back over the yard.

Since my Dad worked later, he would always  watch my Mom and I go at it. I’d get more and more angry because all of my precious time was being wasted raking the yard.

One day, my Dad came home early. He came home right in the middle of one of my famous arguments with Mom. He didn’t say anything as I stormed outside, grumpy and mad. He changed his clothes, put on his old work shoes and proceeded outside to join me in my usual angry pilgrimage to rid the yard of those pesky leaves.

That day, we spent most of our time in silence, raking and stuffing bag. You could hear my friends laughing in the distance as they played soccer. I wanted to be with them instead.

After we finally filled up the last bag, knowing it was too late to meet up with my friends, I turned to my Dad with a guilty feeling in my chest and said, “thank you”.

He smiled. That was when he said one simple sentence that has stuck with me my entire life: “You know, if you do something right the first time, you don’t have to worry about going back and re-doing it.”

It’s a simple thought, but it really did make a lot more sense than arguing and being angry. If I just would have done it right the first time,  I would have been out playing with my friends instead of spending more time raking leaves.

His infinite wisdom from that day has carried with me my whole life.

This is a practice that I subscribe to, and so does Commercial Building Consultants.

It makes sense. Take the time to be efficient, to understand the challenge, to develop a strategy to tackle the challenge, to work hard  towards the solution and to make sure that you finish the job without any doubt or pending closures.

Most of all, take the time to do it right the first time.

If we do it right first, we have more time to play.


Written By: 

Scott W. Pruitt

Director of Operations and Project Management

Commercial Building Consultants, LLC