Water intrusion: A construction defect that allows water to penetrate a structure, resulting in water damage and potentially mold growth. 


Water is essential to life. It can also wreak major havoc.

In our work, water intrusion is a common occurrence that has lasting impacts for our commercial clients.

Here at our headquarters in Orlando, Florida, we often receive calls from our local clients after a big rain storm.

Buildings that are seemingly flawless will show their defects during spring and summer rain.

CBC responds to water intrusion issues, from infiltration emergencies to building studies.

Take a look at our collage below, which details a recent Water Infiltration Study. Some notes:

  • Removing windows can reveal water intrusion issues. After we removed a window in this study, we found that the exterior wall section had no drainage plane.
  • Poor caulking can and will lead to water issues on a commercial building.
  • Bad caulking can actually dam water inside a window frame.
  • Water in this study traveled from the first floor to the second floor in about 10 seconds. This indicated a major leak issue.
  • Rust and corrosion issues should be monitored.
  • Window systems need to be maintained properly, just as any other building component.

If you have water intrusion concerns, call our commercial real estate due diligence experts at Commercial Building Consultants, Nationwide: 407-447-5881.

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