Just over a year ago I graduated from University with a degree in Civil Engineering. When I entered the work force, a majority of my professional experience had been in the construction field. I was green, but Commercial Building Consultants gave me an opportunity.

Throughout my 15 months here, I have gained valuable experiences ranging from commercial real estate inspections, home inspections, large scale construction draws, property management and project management. These experiences have been collected from all over the country, allowing me to observe a number of different construction methods and styles. This has allowed me to see construction as a step by step process which allows me to think in a different way about design and a building’s construction as a whole.

Being a small company, CBC has been more of a family for me than just an employer. I have also gained experience that is more than is typically requested of a project manager. This includes helping with the administration work, billing, building upgrades, permitting, etc. This has not only allowed me to appreciate my coworkers more, but also allow me to gain an experience and understanding which is appreciated at CBC as well as wherever my future may take me.

Having grown as a person and as a professional with Commercial Building Consultants, an opportunity to pursue my professional engineering license has opened up at a local design firm. This opportunity arose not only from my experiences with CBC, but also with the personal qualities that have been instilled by my time here.

The company was impressed by my professionalism and my willingness to pursue the opportunity by showing constant interest and enthusiasm. These attributes have only grown and been developed since my time here at CBC.

I cannot thank CBC enough for allowing me to grow and taking time to help me develop into the professional I am today. This is not the final goodbye, as I do hope to continue working with CBC on a part time, as needed basis, but I know that I will never forget the time that I have spent here.

Colin Trotter, Engineer