Ponding water is a common sight, almost so common we don’t notice how detrimental it can be to a commercial building’s roof system.

Typically noticed on a flat roof, ponding water mostly occurs when a scupper or  drain is clogged or somehow fails.

Once this occurs, storm water will begin to pool in that low area.

As rain storms continue to push through, the weight of the water will bend the structural system, time and time again. As the weight continues to accumulate, without proper repair of the issue at hand, the structure inevitably falls.

This is why we often list this as an “Immediate Need” item in our Property Condition Assessments; a bent and eventually failed roof is a large expense, and a safety concern, and issues should be aggressively repaired before such a catastrophic event occurs.

The photograph below is from one of our Spring 2014 PCA inspections. Ponding water has been here for so long, algae has actually started to grow.

How is a Roof Ponding Issue Eliminated?

Proper roof sloping and draining is important. As mentioned above, fixing a clogged drain may be the solution; there may be additional costs incurred to fix sloping on a roof.

Each roof issue is unique, so it’s best to contact experts like CBC’s inspection team to determine the best course of action.