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Construction Estimating


From conceptual sketches to progressive construction documents on strict deadlines, Commercial Building Consultants, LLC manages all of your project needs and provides clarity to the construction cost process. With over 65 years of combined experience in the construction, engineering, architectural, and development fields, you can be confident in the construction estimations provided by CBC’s professional staff.

Cost completion analyses for construction and development projects that have been partially completed or stalled are common. If a project is halted prior to completion, there are financial consequences that will affect the project when work is started again. Construction materials deteriorate, land use codes may change, and expensive permits expire. Each of these items has a significant impact on the project valuation.

A full understanding of the costs to complete a delayed project is imperative. Having an independent third party come in means you get that unbiased opinion you need and the details required to complete the project. CBC understands these issues and smoothly assists owners with this transition, providing the construction to completion estimates and managing the completion of the project. No situation or project is too cumbersome for our staff. We have the skills, knowledge, and ability to get the job done.

We have an established track record working with urban planners, architects, developers, attorneys, insurance companies, owners, general contractors, and subcontractors, delivering a variety of services including:

  • On-Site Inspections
  • Cost to Completion Estimating
  • Project Management Services
  • Owner’s Representative
  • Project Audits

Commercial Building Consultants provides cost to completion estimating services to investors and financial institutions. When these actual costs are determined, the subject property can then be appropriately priced and marketed for sale and purchase. Contact CBC to move forward with your project today.

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