All Saints Episcopal Church

All Saints Episcopal Church

A Forensic Roof Inspection

The Property

All Saints Church located in Chevy Chase, Maryland was originally constructed in 1901. This historic church featured granite stone walls and a slate roofing system when CBC visited the site. Over the years the church had made several improvements to the original building. A fire alarm system and a sprinkler system were added, renovations were made to the interior of the building, and regular maintenance was performed, but the harsh winters took a toll on the slate roofing system.

Highlighted Findings

All Saints Church received its forensic roof inspection report with recommendations to replace the roof with a permanent and sustainable roofing system. CBC documented evidence of water intrusion during the roof inspection and recommended immediate remediation to achieve a watertight exterior building envelope.

  • Forensic Inspections With Evidence of Water Intrusion and Interior Damage 85%


CBC inspected each aspect of the roofing system.
Grout joint with potential for water intrusion into the wall cavity.
Slate roof with missing and slipping tiles.
Edge of slate roof with damaged underlayment frame.


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