Multifamily Property Condition Assessment

Large Warehouse

Arkansas Warehouse

A Warehouse Forensic Inspection

The Property

A large corporation contacted Commercial Building Consultants (CBC) due to a persistent water intrusion problem in one of their regional warehouse/office facilities.  The building is located in Arkansas and consists of over 1 million square feet of interior space.

The Issue

Property managers had tried to resolve the issue over 10 years without success.  Unfortunately, property management staff had not successfully stopped the flow of water into the facility, causing damage to both the exterior and interior. Knowing this important issue needed a permanent remedy, they requested CBC to conduct a Forensic Inspection.

The Solution

Greg Trotter and Dick Gregor were dispatched to the warehouse to help the client identify the issue.

After understanding the project, the CBC team decided that the probable cause of water intrusion was located at the windows. In order to test the theory out, a water test was put together.  It would be hung from the roof, located directly on the window and water would be sprayed on the window to test the seal for approximately 15 minutes.


The water test positively identified the windows as being a problem area for the complex.  To understand the issue further a window pane was removed and project plans were reviewed.  When the window pane was revealed, it became apparent that the drainage plane was missing from the Exterior Insulations and Finish System allowing water to penetrate the building among a number of other issues with the window installation.

Project Highlights

CBC Identified numerous possibilities for the client to remedy the issue along with their recommendations and initial cost estimates.

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