Multifamily Property Condition Assessment

Hidden Hollow Apartments

Hidden Hollow

A Multifamily Property Condition Assessment

The Property

Hidden Hollow apartment homes are located at 415 Fairburn Road Southwest, in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. The property includes 216 units in 17 buildings, a total of 201,744 square feet on 14.5 acres south of downtown. On site amenities offered: fitness center, swimming pool and tennis court.

Highlighted Findings

The apartment complex had limited issues needing immediate remediation. Recommendations for the topography included adding landscaping to enhance the site and to remedy soil erosion. Swimming pool resurfacing was advised along with roof and gutter repairs.

  • Percentage of Commercial Real Estate Inspections with Damage from Water Intrusion 85%


The Pool needed resurfacing.

Lack of landscaping contributed to soil erosion near sidewalks.

All roofs were inspected and some were recommended for replacement.

Building envelopes were compromised in some buildings, allowing water intrusion.


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