Property Condition Assessment

Hyundai of Tempe

Hyundai of Tempe

A Property Condition Assessment

The Property

This new car sales and service facility is located at 8060 South Autoplex Loop, Tempe, Arizona. Commercial Building Consultants, LLC was contacted by a representative of AutoNation, Inc. to conduct a Property Condition Assessment for the building and site, constructed in 1999. Greg Trotter flew to Arizona to inspect the commercial building and conduct a walk through survey of the site.

The Challenge

During the site visit, CBC discovered the facility had a history of water intrusion that appeared to be ongoing, although the State of Arizona is typically known for its arid climate. Walk through observations indicated roofing issues that may have contributed to the leaks that caused roofing insulation damage. Upon further rooftop investigation, Greg Trotter spotted deficiencies that were probable causes for the water intrusion.

Highlighted Findings

The dealership was reported in good overall condition for its age, although the roofing and HVAC systems were in need of immediate attention. A few other minor issues were noted in the Property Condition Report delivered to AutoNation, Inc.

  • Commercial Property Inspections With Evidence of Water Intrusion 85%

Project Highlights

An aerial view of the Hyundai dealership as depicted in the Property Condition Report.

Roof top HVAC systems were observed in disrepair and noted in the immediate needs table, which also included estimates for recommended deferred maintenance and repairs.

Evidence of damage to vinyl roofing insulation prompted CBC to investigate the roof top further.

Roof top issues discovered and reported to need immediate attention due to water intrusion and insulation damage.


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