Property Condition Assessment

Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley, Lotus Dealership

Denver Dealership

A Property Condition Assessment

The Property

The Ferrari, Bentley, Lotus dealership is located just outside of Denver at 1480 E. County Line Road, Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The full service luxury dealer required a Property Condition Assessment prior to acquisition. Auto Nation contacted Commercial Building Consultants, LLC and Greg Trotter traveled to Denver for the building and site survey. CBC travels nationwide inspecting Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, Acura, and many other automobile dealerships.


The Challenge

Evaluating the roof top was difficult due to existing ice and snow, but CBC’s staff accepted the challenge. Locating clogged drain pipes made the effort pay off. Ice and snow create new and different challenges all by themselves, as seen in the photographs below. Frost heaves are not common in Florida, but Greg Trotter, originally from the northeast, knows the effects of cold weather require careful evaluation during a site survey.


Highlighted Findings

The dealership had a few minor deferred repair and maintenance items. These were outlined and detailed in the Property Condition Report. The cold weather, indicative of Denver’s winter, brought with it ice and snow. Greg Trotter, President of CBC, discovered pipes on site that were clogged with ice. Systems inspections along with the building and site walkthrough revealed minor needs, but the overall condition of the dealership was good.


Project Highlights

Fractured concrete, caused by frost heaves, recommended for immediate repair.

A roof top drain pipe was discovered, clogged with ice, and in need of instant attention.

Failed caulking joints at flashings (above) and cracking caulk at masonry walls (not shown) also needed repair to prevent water intrusion.

The roof top gas heat and electrical cooling unit was in good condition.

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