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Flat Iron Building

Atlanta’s Historic Flat Iron

Property Condition Assessment

The Property

Built in the 1890s, the Flat Iron Building is “Atlanta’s oldest skyscraper.” Its potential for historic preservation had investors interested in learning more about the building’s condition and what it would cost to restore it.

Located in downtown Atlanta, the 11-story mixed use office building is located in a pedestrian friendly area. The property has recently been acquired and is in the midst of renovations as Atlanta’s downtown revitalization continues.


Highlighted Findings

Scott Pruitt was dispatched to conduct a Property Condition Assessment. The overall condition of the building was fair. The exterior envelope of the building had been compromised.  Loose bricks and water intrusion was documented and immediately reported to the client.

A Construction Estimate for potential renovation costs accompanied the Property Condition Report. One of Commercial Building Consultant’s specialties is exploring every nook and cranny of 100 year old buildings.  As revitalization continues in downtown Atlanta, our clients continue to rely upon us to assist with plans for historic preservation projects.


Cooling tower on roof top.

Cooling Tower on Roof top

Exterior envelope compromised - water intrusion prompts further inspection.

Interior Water Intrusion

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