Multifamily Property Condition Assessment

Historic School, Elliot Massachusetts

Elliot, MA Historic School

A Government Building Feasibility Study


The Elliot, MA school was a small, historic and decaying building.   The building was in need of repairs, but the school district needed an expert opinion before moving forward with the project.


The School District was faced with several options:

  1. Build a new school
  2. Relocate the current building
  3. Repair the existing building

Before a decision was made, they hired Commercial Building Consultants to review all of the options in a feasibility study. With the report in hand the district had all of the information needed to make informed decisions concerning the possibility of an historic preservation project.

Project Highlights

The exterior of the gymnasium needed gutters. The interior of the gym had a history of water damage due to flooding in the basement.

CBC recommended increasing the insulation beneath the rafters as part of the immediate needs list.

Exterior recommendations included repairing the damaged wood trim around the window.

Antiquated plumbing fixtures required replacing during the historic renovation project.

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