Multifamily Property Condition Assessment

Weil Mclain Warehouse

Weil McLain Warehouse

A Warehouse Owner’s Representative Project

The Property

Weil McLain is a furnace manufacturer in Eden, NC. The warehouse manufacturing building is approximately 475,000 square feet. The building features offices, manufacturing floor, flat roof, truck loading docks and an expansive parking lot.


With a recurrent building problem and offices based in New York, Weil McLain hired CBC as an owner’s representative to oversee building issues.  When repairs or other work is completed, CBC is dispatched to oversee and verify the work, leaving officers to focus on the business in New York. This project remains under CBC management.

Highlighted Findings

The main issue surrounding the large structure is water intrusion from the roof.  Water intrusion has caused discoloration of acoustic ceiling tiles and corrosion of the roof decking.

Project Highlights

Warehouse Overview.

This closeup shows the improper patch on the roof. This was causing small amounts of water to leak into the facility.

Positive runoff at the critical edge of the roof is missing. Standing water will eventually be the weak point in the roof covering application.

Leaking water caused water corrosion on the roof decking.

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