Post Office – Warwick, RI


The historic post office in West Warwick, Rhode Island, was built in 1932.  Long abandoned, after the decline of the town’s textile industry, a local developer decided to move forward with an historic preservation project, a full renovation of the old post office.  Seeking to return the property to its highest and best use, the vision for a high end office building was born.  With its early 20th century architecture, the developer hired Commercial Building Consultants, LLC, to determine the property’s condition for the project.  The photo below is an historic post card depicting the original post office building.

Property Condition Assessment

Commercial Building Consultants conducted the walkthrough survey, examining all building systems, interior and exterior components, and site-specific items requested by the developer.  The building, found to be in need of a total rehabilitation, maintained the structural components in good condition.


This historic building received the green light from CBC personnel, for the renovation project to begin.