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Commercial Building Consultants, LLC provides a variety of services to commercial property owners, prospective purchasers, developers, and lenders. CBC works with its clients wherever their projects take them. Projects have spanned the continental U.S., from Miami to Seattle. For more information concerning each of these services, please review our extended list of services below.

Property Condition Assessment (PCA)

PCAs encompass commercial building inspections of the building structure, systems, and grounds of a commercial real estate site. Our professionals utilize the ASTM 2018-15, "Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process" standard to evaluate the current construction conditions observed.  Others stop once they've met the "standard," but Commercial Building Consultants, LLC is just getting started once the ASTM standard is met.  Our clients count on us to reveal every physical defect and major issue that could potentially impact an acquisition.  We report from the field and there's no time delay in communicating critical information that could effect a transaction.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is performed in strict accordance with the ASTM E 1527-13 Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments. Phase I ESAs are available for multi-family and commercial real estate parcels.  We know how the discovery of possible contamination to a site impacts the owner and potential purchaser, so we communicate with the client immediately.  We do not wait ten days or two weeks to inform our clients when we determine there is an environmental issue present.

Construction Monitoring/Bank Draws

Construction Monitoring/Bank Draws are site inspections that are performed in conjunction with the funding draws on a ground-up or remodeled property. The draws are performed after a General Contractor or Developer requests funding at each phase of the project. The site visit inspection is put into place to monitor the project to ensure that the draw amount requested is in-line with the construction performed on the site as of the date of the draw request and that the construction performed is being performed in a workman-like manner.

 Owner's Representative

An Owner's Representative advises and represents an owner/developer in areas of planning, acquisition, pre-construction, construction monitoring, and the post construction process. These areas include site preparation, design, cost estimates, bid packaging preparation and evaluation for safety, budget adherence, construction oversight/field supervision, and cost control.

 Building Energy Performance Assessment (BEPA)

A Building Energy Performance Assessment (BEPA) begins with an Energy Performance Benchmarking Assessment which is conducted by collecting, compiling, analyzing, and disclosing a building's energy use data to better understand the energy consumption and costs of a particular commercial building, and to indicate whether upgrades or retrofits are necessary.  Buildings which perform at a higher energy efficiency increase their Net Operating Income (NOI).  Download the BEPA Brochure for additional information.  These assessments are also available for multi-family properties.

Construction Estimating

A construction estimation begins with a site visit by a team member of our professional staff.  The Construction Estimate entails the analysis of the planned or proposed project to determine an estimation of the construction costs, time-line and plan.  

 Cost to Completion Analysis

These analyses are warranted when construction is delayed or halted.  The Cost to Completion Analysis consists of an inspection of a project, its progress, and current conditions.  We then determine the remaining cost for completion of the project.

 Forensic Inspection

These inspections take place when an owner identifies a problematic issue that needs resolution.  Inspectors work to reveal physical deficiencies that cause underlying issues and offer solutions for building owners.  Examples of physical deficiencies and problematic issues include:  unidentified water intrusion causes, intrusive odors, litigation support, and defective building materials.

 Stormwater, Erosion and Sedimentation Control Inspection

Commercial Building Consultants, LLC is certified in the State of Florida to monitor and inspect stormwater, erosion and sedimentation controls.  We work with general contractors to adhere to city, state, and national guidelines.  Staying in compliance is key to the permitting process, preventing stormwater pollution, and the completion of a successful project.


I have been fortunate enough to work with CBC on a number of projects during my career, ranging from the renovation of a 276 unit multi-family property in Alabama to completion of a high-end Miami condo development. CBC has an extremely critical eye when it comes to sticks and bricks of real estate. In addition to extensive background in construction and engineering, CBC is unbelievably successful in finessing relevant information from any and every source, which makes them a tremendous asset when evaluating a property. CBC catches every physical detail, but is also versatile enough to take a step back and look at the property from the unique perspectives of owners, lenders and investors alike.

Kurt Spring

Managing Director, Asset Management, ERI

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