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Construction Loan Monitoring Services or “Bank Draw” Inspection

Commercial Building Consultants, LLC delivers Construction Loan Monitoring (CLM) Services that assess construction projects from pre-construction through job completion. We monitor construction loans on behalf of lenders.  The lender hires CBC as a third party inspector to verify the contractor’s request for payment.  It is important to confirm that the contractor is not getting ahead in payment for the work completed on the project.  Additionally, CBC monitors quality of work in place, manpower levels, conformance to the original schedule, and reviews change orders.

CBC has provided a monthly monitoring service for lenders of approximately 30-40 projects per month for over fifteen years. We have experience with historical renovations as well as new development. To support our clients, we review all work schedules, documentation, budgets, and provide progress reports during all phases of construction. Our staff makes a recommendation to make disbursements while monitoring progress in the field and bank draw requests

CBC’s construction loan monitoring services are available for all banks and construction projects. Our services include, but are not limited to reporting on the following:

  • The experience and capability of the prospective developer and construction team
  • The contract documents, including the plans and specifications for completeness
  • Review of the construction budget
  • Opine on the viability of the proposed construction schedule
  • Review Change Order requests
  • Verification of the receipt of lien waivers
  • Analysis of contractor progress reports and draw requests
  • Manpower and equipment levels observed on site
  • Review of funding requests in accordance with construction loan documents
  • Provide monthly progress reports for all cost line items
  • Report on status of funding needed through project completion

Commercial Building Consultants also provide Owner’s Representative services to assist you with additional services for project oversight. Please review the additional services that CBC offer clients that require the expertise of a professional representative, experienced in all aspects of planning, acquisition, pre-construction, site preparation, design, field supervision, and cost controls through project completion.


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