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Owner’s Representative

Commercial Building Consultants, LLC provides owner’s representation for lenders in need of inspections and securing pre-foreclosure properties as well as for owners and developers during construction and redevelopment.  CBC represents owners at all stages of any project or acquisition.  Whether it is a lender who is receiving title to a blighted property or a developer in the early stages of planning and design, having an Owner’s Representative is critical.  This coordinator is the one point of contact the owner requires to make recommendations that enable the owner to make well-informed decisions.  Having a representative, with your best interest at heart can significantly improve the bottom line.  CBC Owner’s Representatives are experienced with all types of commercial properties and in working with all disciplines engaged in a project.

When complex issues arise, CBC skillfully assesses and coordinates changes, weighing consequences and assuring that quality workmanship continues on schedule.  Working as a team, with multiple project managers, CBC’s Owner Representative is an extension of the owner.  This third-party expert is the one project managers turn to, seeking alternatives when issues arise.

Acting in the owner’s best interests, the Owner’s Representative provides quality assurance monitoring, ensuring timely progress in all areas of your project, while assessing tasks that could affect another area.  Alternatives that affect the project’s overall physicality and bottom line often require immediate attention.  These day-to-day activities require someone to attend meetings and to act in the best interest of the owner.

Every project is unique and you can count on CBC’s seasoned construction professionals to represent your best interest.  As a third-party specialist, we provide the following Owner’s Representative services during all phases of any project, including planning, acquisition, pre and post construction:

  • Owner’s coordinator, point of contact
  • Represent owner at meetings
  • Monitor project schedule, budget, and cost controls
  • Audit quality control and quality assurance methods
  • Estimate costs and evaluate budget adherence
  • Evaluate safety adherence
  • Preplanning and field supervision oversight
  • Prompt communications with owner
  • Monthly reports

For owners and lenders taking title to distressed/foreclosed properties:

  • Secure the premises from squatters and vandals
  • Assess damages to system components
  • Coordinate site cleanup
  • Analyze repairs and make recommendations
  • Estimate costs
  • Coordinate blighted project redevelopment or demolition

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